What is the Blue Card and how to apply for it?

Designed to attract qualified talent to Europe, the Blue Card is a temporary residence and work authorization similar to the permit granted to highly qualified workers. The difference is that in order to obtain the Blue Card, the job for which the applicant is applying must be on the job shortage list; or there are […]

E.U. Citizen Registration Certificate

If you are an EU citizen and you want to live in Spain for a period of more than three months, you will need to apply for a certificate of registration of the European Union. The application must be made in person at the Oficina de Extranjería, or at the Police Station in the province […]

How to apply for non-profit residence in Spain

The initial non-lucrative residence visa is granted to non-EU citizens who can prove sufficient funds to reside in Spain without performing any type of economic activity for one year. It is renewable for two years, twice consecutively; and in the third renewal, long-term residence in Spain may be requested. The non-lucrative residence can be requested […]

What is the NIE and how to apply for it

The NIE is the Foreigner’s Identity Number.  It is the identification number you will need to carry out any type of legal or bureaucratic procedure such as creating your own company, obtaining a residence permit or buying a car. Types of NIE NIE for non-residents Designed for non-EU foreign citizens, that is, non-EU citizens who […]

How to register as self-employed if you are a foreigner

To be self-employed in Spain you only must be 16 years old; the legal age to be able to work, but to register as self-employed if you are a foreigner, in addition to being at least 18 years old, you must meet certain requirements that you will find below: Keep in mind that depending on […]

Golden visa, the investor’s visa

The investor visa or Golden visa is a residence and work authorization granted to all non-EU citizens who wish to live and work in Spain, provided that they make a considerable economic investment. How to apply for the investor visa? There are different ways to apply for the investor visa or Golden visa: Through the […]

Residence permit for intra-company transfer

The Intra-company Transfer Residence Permit is a permit granted for three years to workers posted to Spain by multinational companies. Once the initial term has expired, the Intra-company Transfer Residence Permit may be renewed for two more years, provided that the regulations of the collective bargaining agreement in the worker’s country of origin and in […]

Visa for highly qualified professionals

This residence permit can be applied for by non-European Union citizens who have a job offer in a Spanish company to occupy a managerial, technical, or highly qualified position with personnel under their charge. The permit for highly qualified workers is regulated by the law 14/2013 of support to entrepreneurs and their internalization. Which means […]

Entrepreneur visa

The entrepreneur visa authorizes the holder to create his own company. It is valid for three years, with the possibility of renewal if all the requirements for the initial application are met. Requirements to apply for the entrepreneur visa. The entrepreneur visa is a permit with quite demanding requirements, since your company must be attractive […]

How to make a business plan

The business plan is the entrepreneur’s guiding document. It defines the objectives, strategy and resources needed to start up the company. It is a document that must be kept up to date since it allows to present the business to investors and to analyze the market situation. Let’s take a look at the step by […]

How to set up your business in Spain if you are a foreigner

With the recently approved Startup Law, Spain has become one of the most attractive European countries to set up your business in Spain if you are a foreigner. If you are a non-EU citizen, that is, a non-EU citizen, the first thing you should do is apply for a residence and self-employment authorization or an […]

Visa for digital nomads in Spain

The visa for digital nomads is oriented to non-EU citizens. It is a permit aimed at foreigners who wish to move to Spain and continue working for a company located in another country, or for those workers with clients in different countries. This residence permit may be extended for a total of five years and […]