Extension of stay for studies in Spain

The Extension of stay for studies is the renewal of the initial permit that allows the holder of this authorization to carry out a training activity, a university degree, an exchange for studies, research projects or to provide a volunteer service. It can be done personally or through a legal representative. The application for the […]

How to apply for spanish authorization to stay for study purposes

The Authorization of stay for studies allows you to study a university degree, conduct research, obtain an intermediate degree or higher education in design, art, languages or sports. You can apply for it at the Spanish consular office in your country of origin or directly in Spain. In case you are already in Spain and […]

What is the Blue Card and how to apply for it?

Designed to attract qualified talent to Europe, the Blue Card is a temporary residence and work authorization similar to the permit granted to highly qualified workers. The difference is that in order to obtain the Blue Card, the job for which the applicant is applying must be on the job shortage list; or there are […]

MBA aptitudes and skills

MBA graduates must have certain qualities that lead to climbing to management and leadership positions within the company. Here I explain the skills you must have to solve problems effectively and make the right decisions that favor your personal growth and that of the company. Adaptation and organization What do companies look for in an […]

Residence for foreign researchers in Spain

The Residence for researchers can be applied for by foreigners interested in carrying out research at a university or company in Spain that has an offer for the applicant. This permit is directly linked to the institution or entity where you study or carry out your research. In other words, the application must be submitted […]

How to apply for government aid for SMEs and the self-employed

Until September 15, 2022, SMEs and the self-employed will be able to apply for the Digital Kit, the Government aid to acquire new technology for their business. According to the Official State Gazette (BOE), the Administration will grant aid as follows: Self-employed and companies with up to three employees can request up to 2,000 euros […]

Residence permit for highly qualified personnel

The Residence Authorization for Highly Qualified Personnel is a permit granted to citizens from outside the European Union to work in a technical position; as a manager or manager with teams in charge, or with a very specific work experience. Unlike the regular work permit, the visa for highly qualified workers is regulated by the […]

Residence for professional internships in Spain

The residence permit for internships gives the student a change of legal status, i.e., it exchanges his or her authorization of stay for studies for a residence card, provided that the internships are related to the field of studies. It can be applied for by those who have completed higher education studies. That is, university […]

Residence for job search in Spain

If you are a foreign student and you want to look for a job once you have finished your study program, here is how to obtain the Residence for job search in Spain. The authorization to seek employment as a foreign student in Spain is a permit granted to non-EU citizens, that is, those who […]

How to apply for the authorization of stay for studies in Spain

You can apply for the authorization of stay for studies at the consular office of your country of residence, but you can also apply if you are already in Spain. I will explain how: To apply for a stay for studies in Spain you must have a valid visa. That is to say, if you […]

New subcategories in the the UK Global Business Mobility route

From April 11, five new subcategories of the new Global Business Mobility route, under which foreign companies will be able to sponsor foreign workers and their family members or dependents, will open, the UK Home Office has announced. The Global Business Mobility route is designed to help companies to set up the movement of workers […]

How to obtain the student visa extension

The students visa extension is a permission that allows you to stay in Spain while you study, but it is only granted for a year. Probably, the academic programme you have chosen will exceed this period. It can be a professional degree, a master’s degree, a doctorate, or any other type of formation. How to […]