Social security and taxes

If you conduct business overseas which requires employee mobility, you must be aware of what type of contract and social security affiliation you need. Inaccuracies between the local and the foreign office, or employees exceeding their stay outside of the country, could lead to sanctions.

At Duguech & Dip, our global mobility team will make sure that your employees are relocated legally. We will ensure that you meet the deadlines, that your employees have all the required documents to work abroad, and that your contributions are filed correctly in your country of origin.

Our services

  • Legal and labour advice on the correct temporary relocation of an employee.
  • Review and presentation of compulsory documentation to enter and work from the destination country in accordance with local law.
  • Follow up of each case, advice for handling issues including extension of overseas relocation.

Are you working abroad? Do you know whether or not you need to register with the local social security office?

Our expert advice


When you are temporarily working abroad, there is a time limit to how long you can work without registering with the local social security office. If you think you’ve missed the deadline, don’t worry – we’re here to help you regularize your situation.