Facing dismissal?

If you think you are facing an irregular layoff, our Labor Department can help you with the legal proceedings and negotiations with your employer. We can give you advice and guidance on your particular situation – for instance, if you hold expatriate status, are pregnant, or are working a reduced-hour contract as a working parent.  If you think you have been fired unfairly or the conditions of the layoff are not what they should be, get in touch today.

Our services

  • Legal advice on the administrative or judicial proceedings with your former employer
  • Guidance in the negotiation process for compensation
  • Advice in the resolution of the case, based on the qualities of the layoff and the negotiation with the employer


Have you been fired? Are you unsure what compensation you are entitled to as an expatriate?

Our expert advice


If you are an expat in Spain and you are facing an irregular layoff, you need to define the negotiation agreements, the compensation payments and the return to your home country with your employer. Get in touch and we will help you.