Expats in Spain

If you are planning to bring qualified personnel to work in Spain, you’ll need Spanish legal support with experience in international mobility.  At Duguech & Dip, we have years of experience working with businesses handling short- and long-term employee relocation to Spain, as well as permanent allocation and local recruitment of foreign workers.



Our services

  • Legal and labour advice in the process of relocation of the employee before his or her arrival in Spain.
  • Guidance on the most appropriate strategy for the transfer of the expat and family members.
  • Review and presentation of the necessary documents to enter the country and meet all Spanish legal requirements.
  • Follow up during the stay in Spain and advice in case of work permit renewal or extension.

Do you know the difference between a work permit for a relocating employee and the residence permit required by his or her family?

Our expert advice


The kind of permit required by an overseas worker entering Spain will depend on the length of and reason for the stay. Get in touch with our international mobility department and we will be happy to advise you.