Business visas and permits

If your employees travel to other countries for specific projects, they will need a business visa or work permit suited to that type of business trip. However, not all business visas are the same – depending on what functions your employees will perform overseas, you may need a more specific permit.

At Duguech & Dip, we offer all the services needed for you and your employees when traveling to another country for work. We’ll help you avoid any inconvenience or penalty in the destination country.

Our services

  1. Initial consultation on the eligibility and requirements for the visa.
    • Analysis of previous feasibility for visa application files and/or recommended waiver.
    • Spanish business visa specific requirements.
  2. Professional advice on crossing international borders.
  3. Process overview, timescales and paperwork.
  4. Management of visas and/or waivers for temporary workers:
    • Emergency technical assistance
    • Urgent displacements
    • Authorization for fieldwork and/or assembly
    • Consultancy services or professional conference with consular authorities and/or officials.
  5. Review of all documentation
    • Introducing visa application file.
    • Immigration assistance with completion of documentary requirements.
  6. Assistance in the event of refusal.

Do you know the implications of applying for a tourist visa when you’re really taking a business trip?

Our expert advice


Choosing the right visa to apply for when planning a business trip will save you delays, avoid sanctions to your company and protect your employees. Get in touch for more information.