Spanish nationality/citizenship

Did you know that you can apply for Spanish nationality without needing a residency permit? You can request it by option or by affiliation.

If you don’t know which application type best suits your situation, at Duguech & Dip we can offer you the legal support you need to make the best choices regarding your request for Spanish nationality or citizenship. Not meeting the given deadlines or not complying with the documentation required could delay the process or even result in denial of your application.

Our services

  • Initial assessment of each particular situation.
  • Legal assistance on the next steps: paperwork and deadlines to present documentation.
  • Assistance on the application process and follow-up until approval.
  • Legal support in the event of an issue coming up during the process.

Do you know when to request your Spanish nationality?

Our expert advice


If you live in Spain and have a European family card, you need to meet specific deadlines in order to request nationality by residency. If this is your case get in touch and we will help you.