Legal Residence in Spain

The Golden Visa or Residence Authorization for Investors is a residency program for foreign investors in Spain that offers numerous benefits for investors and their families.

The key requirements in order to apply for residency in Spain through the Residence Authorization for Investors program, also known as Golden Visa or Investor Visa are as follows:

Investment in Spain

  • Minimum investment in real estate of at least 500,000 euros.
  • Investment in business projects in the amount of one million euros.
  • Investment in bank deposits in the amount of one million euros, among others.

Lack of criminal record both in Spain and in other countries where the investor has resided.

To have a medical insurance with full coverage in Spain.

The Residence Authorization for Investors or Golden Visa in Spain offers a series of benefits to foreign investors and their families in that it allows the holder and their dependents to live in Spain legally.

The Residence Authorization is granted for an initial renewable period of 3 years and allows the inclusion of the investor´s dependent family member such as spouse, minor children, and children over 18 years of age who are economically dependent, who may also obtain a Residence Authorization as long as they maintain this dependency and do not form their own family nucleus.

To renew, investors must continue to meet the investment requirements and their family members must continue their dependency.

In Duguech & Dip we provide personalized legal advice in each of the phases of the application process of your Golden Visa. From our firm we can provide legal advice both in terms of the review of the process of the purchase and sale of real estate, as well as the earnest money contract, the situation of charges and ownership of the property to acquire, etc…

At Duguech & Dip we study each particular case. As experts in immigration and global mobility we offer legal advice and assistance in order to apply for the Legal Residency in Spain that best suits your case.

What do we offer at Duguech & Dip?

  • A complete analysis of the situation and determination of the most appropriate application for you, taking into consideration whether the minimum requests to apply for the Golden Visa or Residence Authorization for Investors in Spain are met.
  • Information of the requirements to be completed in order to apply for the Golden Visa or Residence Authorization for Investors in Spain.
  • Advice and assistance in the preparation of the Applications of Residency for Investors – Golden Visa and translations required.
  • Advice in the process of submitting documents or answering requests to correct the application.
  • Constant monitoring of the status of your investor residency application and your dependents´ applications.
  • Filing of the necessary appeals in the event of a negative decision on your application for a residence permit for investors and the applications of your dependents.


How to apply for an investor visa?

Our expert´s answer


For investment in Spain through the purchase of real estate for a value of more than 500,000 euros without financing, for investment in business projects for an amount of one million euros, for investment in bank deposits for an amount of one million euros, among others.

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