Student visa

If you have finished your studies in Spain and your student visa is about to expire, but you would like to stay in the country, you need to legalise your situation. Whether you wish to continue with your studies and renew your visa, or plan to look for work, you will need to consider the requirements and deadlines for each case. In the case of changing to a work visa, we will offer you legal counsel on the internship agreements or the allowed hours per workday in order to avoid penalties.

Our department of global mobility can help you with the application and renovation process once you have arrived in Spain.

Our services

  • Legal assistance in the application and renovation of your student visa
  • Review and submission of the required paperwork
  • Legal advice and follow up during the submission until its approval
  • Legal advice in case of changing from a student to a working visa

Do you know how to opt for residency when your student visa expires?

Our expert advice


If you are a foreign student and you would like to obtain Spanish residency, you need to meet certain requirements and timeframes in order to start the process. Get in touch with us and we will advise you.