Automatic extension of long term Residency Cards in Spain

The objective of the special measures taken by the Spanish Government regarding the automatic extension in certain residences, stays and visas, is to prevent the crisis associated with COVID-19 from having repercussions on the regular status of foreigners residing in Spain. If you have doubts about the procedure for extending your long-stay visa, pay attention […]

Automatic extension of Residency Cards of EU Citizen family in Spain

During the alarm state caused by the Covid-19, an automatic extension is established for holders of the European Union family card with periods of validity and validity according to special regulations. If you have doubts about how to proceed in this case, watch the video in which our lawyer, Gustavo Duguech, explains more about the […]

Automatic extension of Temporary Residency Authorizations in Spain

The established regulations that all foreigners must renew their residence and / or work authorization when it is temporary. However, the health emergency caused by Covid-19 has required the implementation of measures related to the automatic extension and validity of residence and residence authorizations. Pay attention to what our lawyer, Gustavo Duguech, tells us in […]

Automatic extension of Student Visas and Student Residency Authorization in Spain

If you work or study in Spain, it is likely that it has affected the suspension of administrative and prescription periods and expiration in some legal procedures, due to the health emergency caused by Covid-19. To inform about what you should do regarding the automatic extension in certain residences, stays and visas, we invite you to […]